Blues Lent – Communion Sunday, March 9th 10:30 am






             “Everybody has some kind of blues to offer.”


                                                           ~ Jimi Hendrix


The season of Lent—those 40 days winding towards Easter—is traditionally a season of spiritual discipline. While engaged with Lent, Christians have traditionally given up the victorious Easter “Hallelujah” songs in favour of more sombre tunes. As a spiritual experiment, we at Trinity are exploring Lent as a season of the Blues—exploring the heartache, hardship, and the deep searching of this Christian season.




This morning’s music includes Hannah McCallum singing, “Say Something (I’m Giving Up on You)”, which exposes the frustration, and pain of letting go of a broken relationship. Brian Risk is helped by Margaret Parker in singing, “You Raise Me Up”—a song that speaks of finding strength and comfort through love, even in the midst of life’s significant challenges. We hold to this song’s promises, even in the ashes and sometime discomfort of the “blue” Lenten season