Lisa Blais, DLM – Faith Formation and Outreach Minister

Lisa Blais, Designated Lay Minister,

Faith Formation and Outreach Minister

Who is Lisa?

Lisa is a former teacher who brings her love of children and her passion for teaching to her job at Trinity. She enjoys crafting learning curricula that appeal to all the senses—combining her appreciation of faith stories with an appeal to smell, touch, taste, music and drama! Lisa loves her church as an extension of her own family. Her favourite seasons are autumn and winter—which makes North Bay the perfect home for Lisa!

About Lisa’s Work

Lisa is a resource to Trinity’s ministries to babies, children, youth, and families. She ensures that Trinity’s many weekday outreach efforts flow smoothly—that the Food Shelf, the Tuesday group, the Youth Group and the many study and interest groups are places that are safe, lively, and engaging.

Lisa’s work touches on all the priorities of Trinity’s mission statement, as she ensures that Trinity is always reaching out and serving the world, that people of all ages are being engaged and challenged, and that we remain open and welcoming to the community around us!

A Word from Lisa:

At Trinity I get the chance to exercise my passion for learning, my love of children, and my need for a close loving community! At Trinity, there’s always time for people!”

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