Minister Emerita – Rev. Kathleen McCallum

Kathleen McCallum,  Associate Minister

Who is Kathleen?

Kathy retired in 2009 as the full-time lead minister at Trinity United Church. But we at Trinity have all grown so attached to her that we have named her our “Minister Emerita.” We look to Kathy for additional worship leadership, including occasional Sunday mornings, weddings, and funerals.

Kathy enjoys living in North Bay, close to her family and grandchildren.  In her spare time she likes to read, garden, camp and travel.

About Kathy’s Work:

Kathy is a gifted preacher and worship leader, as well as being deeply involved in the work of North Bay Presbytery, Manitou conference, and the National Church.  She’s also passionate about teaching and music. It’s often said about Kathy that she knows how to speak graciously about the hard truths that people need to hear—the Bible calls this the gift of “speaking the truth in love.”

A Word from Kathy:

I love the community of Trinity.  It is energetic and multi-generational, with participation in all of the events and committees by older and younger and all those in between. It is a place where faith is spoken and cultivated, honest questions are accepted, and all are welcome.   Trinity is an exciting and spirit-filled home.

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