Rev. Dr. Ted Harrison

Ted Harrison,  Minister of Word, Sacrament, and Pastoral Care


Who is Ted?

Reverend Doctor Ted Harrison is a Minister of Word, Sacrament, and Pastoral Care. He was ordained in the year 2000, when he began serving churches in northern Ontario.

Ted has a passion for Christian worship, with a focus on accessible storytelling that draws on scripture, humour, and music. Ted is also a trained spiritual director.

Ted reads a lot—particularly in the areas of theology, world religions, philosophy, history, poetry… and comic books. He loves jogging, canoeing, biking, cross-country skiing, and contemporary music.

Ted is married to Caroline, a hospital physiotherapist and part-time sermon critic. Ted and Caroline have two daughters (Eve and Erin) and a dog named Ginny.

What does Ted do?

Ted’s ministry focuses on worship leadership (including weddings and funerals), pastoral care (visiting and counselling), and the typical day-to-day operations of our big and busy church. Ted keeps Trinity focussed on who we are and why we’re here. He makes sure we keep a sense of humour while staying faithful to our story!

Ted on Trinity:

“Trinity has somehow achieved that rare balance between the closeness of a rural family church, and the wide reach and diversity of a larger urban church. I love how we care for each other, care for the world– and particularly that we appreciate the many ways in which those things can happen: through service, through music, through art, good humour, and study.”

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