Bravo Mustard Seed!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Mustard Seed’s Ultimate Superstar on a fantastic run! Special thanks to Darlene Laferriere for her commitment and dedication to children’s music and drama – she is truly a superstar!  Thanks also to Brenda McLay for her wonderful music leadership, to Jim Liddell for his patient and flexible stage managing, to Caroline Harrison for her creative knack of making everyone look like a star and to Hannah McCallum for choreographing and leading all the amazing dances. Whole hearted thanks to the many people who volunteered their time in any way – at the risk of forgetting anyone:  Marcel MacDonald, Chris Clarke, Darren Summersby, Dave McKenney, Don Rideout, Bill Whalley, Blake and Michelina Beam, Bill and Doris-Rae Brownlee, Jeff Mailloux, Bonnie Beam, Rae Brownlee, Shirley Myre, Cindy Brownlee, Lori Butterfield, Cheryl Miller, Shalome MacNeill Cooper, Ryan Rozicki, Maurice Laporte, Anna Wright, Shirley Thom, Lynda Moseley-Williams, Ann Cann, Lisa Gibson, Geneva Thompson, Anne Graham and our patrons and supporters, Tee Lloyst, the Fosters and the Thom’s – and in particular Trinity’s AOTS and UCW. Thank-you,

thank-you, thank-you!      Lisa Blais