The Trinity Board

“The Board” is a rotating group of Trinity leaders who oversee the smooth operation of this church community.  They’re also our “vision keepers,” keeping us mindful of our reason for being.

We try to ensure that the Board is representative of our community in all respects, including age and gender.

Various committee report to the Board.  Thank Heavens for all of them!  Here’s who they are:

Building and Grounds: The handy group that takes care of our church home ensuring that all areas of our building are safe and accessible for all.

Christian Education and Outreach: The people who guide and support the Christian Education needs of our church family, including Sunday School, Vacation Bible Camp, Youth and Adult Study groups, the Trinity Families group, and the Food Shelf program that provide support for those in need every Monday morning.

Communications: This is the group that oversees and prepares our seasonal newsletters and annual report, and maintains communication with our community through social media.  It is also responsible for the day to day operations of the technology that we use for livestreaming.

Finance and Stewardship: These folk encourage us to use our time, talent and treasure to ensure that our church supports the mission of Trinity United Church and the wider community.

Ministry and Personnel: This dedicated group of people tend to the care and feeding of our Trinity staff.

Visiting and Pastoral Care:  The caring folk who keep us all connected!  They ensure that newcomers and visitors are made to feel welcome and that those who need extra care and support receive it.

Worship: What we do on Sunday morning (and other times) requires a lot of “TLC.”  The Worship Committee provides support and direction to our spiritual life together.

Trustees:  This group of people look after our property, insurance and charitable status.

Other appointed members of the Board include representatives from Canadian Shield Regional Council, the UCW, the AOTS, Youth, Sunday School and a Member-at-Large (a member of Trinity’s congregation).

The Vice-Chair, Chair and Past Chair round out the Board.

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