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Why Faith? Why Trinity?

It begins as a feeling.

…Maybe it’s that growing sense of oneness with the world around you. An increasing number of people have the sense that there is more “out there” than the daily grind of our lives. Some people describe a spiritual awakening, an intuition that we are not alone.

Call it God, or Light, or some kind of spiritual hunger. Whatever words you may use, it’s something beyond the limitations of human understanding. It can provide a sense of comfort. For some it is a source of healing. For others, it is the energizing challenge of life more fully lived. Or it’s that reserve of strength when you’re feeling vulnerable.

At Trinity we share that sense of another reality, and we feel the deep urge to explore and share it. We ask a lot of questions, and we’re open to a variety of answers.

We recognize that children are born with a built-in sense of the Spirit. We believe that children are already connected to the holy. That connection sometimes diminishes as they age and become burdened with doubts.

We are a Christian community. We learn more about God by learning about God’s story through the Bible and the story of Jesus. We spend every Sunday deepening ourselves in God’s story. Every age group, toddlers to seniors, gathers to hear a message for their situation in life. Trinity is a family space in which we encounter Jesus’ message of love for every age, race, class and lifestyle. We need only open ourselves to this great gift!

Some web-links about United Church beliefs:

Read the brief and beloved “New Creed” of the United Church of Canada: http://www.united-church.ca/beliefs/creed

Other faith statements from the United Church: http://www.united-church.ca/beliefs/statements

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