Trinity this week – Holy Humour Sunday – April 19, 2020

Hello Trinity Friends,
As we enter the second month of physical distancing, we can probably all use some lightness in our lives.  The link to our Holy Humour Sunday worship service is included here.  It is a shorter service than the last few but hopefully equally as meaningful!

A reminder that if you would like to read scripture or lead a prayer in our virtual worship service to let us know.  We would love to have as many people involved as possible. 
This upcoming week is Earth Day – April 22nd.  In honour of Earth Day, we are asking for families to contribute photographs, art, or recorded description of your favourite place in nature – and why it is important to you.   Please plan to send those in by Thursday 10 am.  A brief written description and a photograph would be appreciated – but also feel free to send in a video description if you want to do a little more.  Send those to me at this email please!

For those of you (like me) who are running low on Maple syrup – don’t worry – Bill Brownlee has this important message for you.

We have had a number of inquiries about Maple Syrup.  Due to the present circumstances we really didn’t know how to proceed but since there is interest we will take orders until May 4 (first Monday in May) and order the syrup.  Arrangements will be made following delivery for pickups or deliveries.  Payment will be made upon receipt of your order.  Please make cheques out to

Scouts Canada – 1st North Bay.  We will also take cash.  Orders should be made by calling one of the following:

Dave       705 474 7847 

Ryan       705 471 4201

Anna       705 472 4213

Bill           705 472 3226

Thank you for supporting Scouting.  It is top notch syrup which we are confident you will enjoy.

The prices this year are the same  as last.

½ l  (500ml)    $12.00                                            1 l      $22.00

2 l                     $35.00                                           4 l      $65.00

All of the above are in plastic jugs.

4 – 1l sealers    $65.00

​Our Monday Food Bank and Infant Food Shelves continue to remain open as an essential service to those in need.  Thank-you to all those involved in ensuring we have the supplies needed.  Otherwise, Trinity remains closed.  Entry to the building for emergent situations must be arranged with Ryan, our Custodian.  Should you wish to speak with a staff member, or if you wish to make a donation, or if you are in need of any pastoral care, please note that the phone lines and emails are being monitored on a daily basis.  We look forward to the day when we can all worship, in person, together – but until that time, know that we will continue to do our best to connect with you in whichever way we are able.  
Blessings to you all,

Trinity this week – Good Friday Worship

Hello Trinity Friends,
As we approach Easter, we are normally anticipating a number of special worship services and events – at times it feels like we are suspended in a Good Friday moment. But we know that Easter is coming and God is with us throughout these times – and so we find ways to rejoice, to offer gratitude to all our health care workers, to celebrate special occasions in new and sometimes unfamiliar ways, to reach out to those friends and neighbours who need us, and to continue to live as we are called to do as Easter people.  So friends, as you gather this weekend in your own homes, perhaps around a smaller table than you anticipated remember that you do so with all your Trinity friends and families. Let’s hold each other in prayer and know that this, too, will pass!

You will find the current newsletter posted under the newsletter tab. Please take a moment to read through for some news and announcements!

I am posting the link to the Good Friday service here are grateful for the participation of many members of our faith community who enrich this service and keep our United Church community connected during this time.    All other online worship services (including Easter Sunday which will be posted on Saturday afternoon) can be found by going to Youtube and searching Trinity North Bay.  Consider bookmarking that page and subscribing for easier access. 

 We will be providing a small number of DVD’s for members of our church community who do not have access to internet.  If you know of someone who would appreciate a DVD please let me know.  

Sunday School Online is available each week – if you would like to receive a weekly Sunday School lesson please let me know!  

God’s Blessing to you all – stay safe and stay home!

Trinity this week – Palm Sunday

Hello Trinity Friends,
As we settle into the current reality of physical distancing I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that the Trinity community will continue to look for ways to connect with one another.  We will continue to produce weekly online worship services.  We are grateful to those of you who have offered to be a part of that – and we are very grateful to John Roberts who continues to assemble all our pieces to create the online worship services.  As we head into Holy Week, we will have both a Palm/Passion Sunday service, Good Friday service and an Easter Sunday service.  These are posted on Trinity North Bay Youtube Channel and can also be found under the worship tab on our website.  And by clicking here —>

There will also be a weekly Sunday School lesson available.  If you would like to receive a weekly Sunday School lesson please sign up by emailing Lisa at  

On the website you will see a new feature –  a Covid-19 resource tab has been included.  There you will find resources for family activities, mental health supports and Faith and Spirituality resources. Please take a look through. These will be updated from time to time as new resources become available.

Donations to Trinity
Although we are unable to “attend” Trinity in the traditional sense, your staff still continues to work, the expenses and the bills are still coming in, the roof still needs to be paid off and our food bank and infant food bank continue to operate. While our church is closed, this may mean a reduction in our offerings – We know that this is a difficult time for many but if you are able to – here are some options to consider should you wish to make a donation to Trinity. Thank you for your continued and valued support!
1) Sign up for PAR or increase your monthly PAR contribution
2) Drop a cheque/cash off in the secure church mailbox.
3) Send an e-transfer through online banking to:  If you are donating via etransfer please also send an email with the password info to Wanda at **This is important so we know where to credit the donation4) Give via the Donate Now button on our Trinity United Church website – please note choosing this option allows you to use a credit card however the tax receipt will come from Canada Helps and they take 3% admin fee.

Trinity friends, we know that this time is difficult – you may be experiencing an increase in anxiety, loss of income, and feelings of loneliness.  Please know that you are not alone.  Reach out for help if you need it.  If you would like a call from someone on the Pastoral Care Team or any of the staff, please let us know.  
Stay well and God’s blessings to you,

Introduction to Blues Lent

“Blues Lent” started at Trinity on March 1st. Now that we’re sharing our worship services on-line, we’ve had people asking us, “What is a Blues Lent?”You have questions, we have answers!Today we’re sharing a mid-week “Introduction to Blues Lent.” We won’t have a mid-week worship every week– but this one should help you feel more “in the loop” with the “Blues Lent experience.”Check our website– in weeks to come we’ll share some spoken poetry, resources for children and families, and a “Blues Playlist” of some of the great Blues music we’ve been telling you about!