Advent 1 – Hope

Hello Trinity Friends!
As we move into the season of Advent we would like to remind you of a few upcoming worship services and special events.  This Sunday, the first Sunday in Advent we will light the candle of hope.  We share in Holy Communion and enjoy the gift of music offered by Heartbeat.  At Trinity we have an “open table,” where all people, regardless of age or denomination, are invited to receive communion. Communion is served early in the service while young people are still present. 
Young people will then continue downstairs where they will be rehearsing for their upcoming Christmas pageant.  Young children and children who will be away during the pageant will have an opportunity to do a Christmas activity.
Following the service at 1 pm you are invited to come explore an Advent Bible Study entitled “MADvent or Advent, led by Shalome MacNeill Cooper. The Advent bible study begins this Sunday and takes place each Sunday in Advent from 1 – 2:30 pm.  Child care is available upon request.  You are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch. 
This Sunday is the last chance to order gift cards through the AOTS before Christmas.  Gift cards make wonderful Christmas gifts and are also a great way to stock up on those items we use regularly – such as groceries! Speak with Ed Rose following the service to get your order in!
This is also the last day to get donations in for the Philippines Flood Relief in time for the Canadian Government to match your donation.
From Seasons of the Spirit Congregational Resource.   The reading for December 1st is from Isaiah 2:1–5
Isaiah’s message for the people of Judah – a message that
can still teach us today – proclaims peace to a people who
were surrounded by war and conflict. Isaiah explains
that peace is not just an absence of fighting, but peace
is working together with our enemies. It’s the kind of
peace that requires our participation and attention. It’s
peace made of justice and the well-being of all people.
Just as Advent is a time when we wait expectantly for the
coming of Christ in the world, peace requires the same
watchfulness and involvement.
This week replace three habits with new ways that lift up
the well-being of others.

May you be a beacon of hope to those who need it and may the promise of the coming of the Christ Child fill your lives with light and warmth!