Trinity’s Year of Lear

                                    2015, Trinity’s “Year of Lear”!

 Trinity United Church will be hosting multiple performances of William Shakespeare’s celebrated “King Lear” in April, featuring renowned Canadian actors David Fox and Hume Baugh. In doing so, Shakespeare’s timeless work will be made accessible, and Trinity opens its doors in deepened service and hospitality to our community:

  • Our children’s drama program adapts Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”!
  • A night of Shakespearean music and love sonnets on February 14th!
  • Workshops for drama students, and high school matinees at Trinity!
  • Trinity’s sanctuary and worship will be enriched with Shakespearean surprises!


The “No Fear King Lear”  Lecture Series!


Don’t let King Lear scare you! Over four nights, let us open up the world of Shakespeare for you. Lively, animated discussions that take Shakespeare off his pedestal and back down on the rehearsal floor where he belongs. Led by Director Rod Carley, who received a 2009 TVO “Big Ideas” award for making Shakespeare accessible for today’s audiences. Join us at 7pm on January 14th, February 11th, March 4th, and March 25th – via the side (McIntyre) door. $15 per evening, get your tickets today!


Between April 16th and 26th of 2015, Trinity hosts 3 High School Matinees, 2 Public Sunday Matinees, and 7 evening performances of “King Lear.” Running a top-quality production of Shakespeare is a challenge that Trinity is embracing! You could donate some time, some money, or some energy to helping “King Lear” happen!


For more information or to sponsor the show with a “Patronage Package,” please speak to a member of the “Trinity Arts” committee (Nancy or Brad Stenning, Darlene Laferriere, Rod Carley, Michelina Beam, Lisa Blais, or Rev. Ted). With your help, we’ll live up to our Trinity Arts mandate: “To use the many blessings of the Trinity Church family to enrich life and faith through the arts.”