What you should expect at Trinity

Trinity’s Mission Statement:

We believe God is calling Trinity United Church to:
• Reach out and serve the wider community and the world
• Nurture spirituality in people of all ages
• Be a safe, open, welcoming, inclusive community of faith

Trinity Church is like a large family with a long history. We stretch backwards and forwards in time, reaching out with care and connections around the world. We try take care of each other and work hard to love this life, and the world around us. Like Jesus, we try to embrace everyone—regardless of who they are, how they live, or where they come from!

What Should You Expect at Trinity?

A Brief Reflection from Rev. Ted

“For I am longing to see you so that I may share with you some spiritual gift to strengthen you—or rather so that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine.” ~ Romans 1:11-12

          Trinity United Church is both a community and a place where you will meet friendly, thoughtful, caring community. We try to meet one another where we are, and as we are. That means you don’t need to dress up for a Sunday morning, or pretend to know more about the Bible than you do, or join in on activities that don’t speak to you.

          If you think that “Jesus Christ” is a swear-word, then you might get a little offended, because we talk about that guy a lot! We trust that we can dig into the Christian story– dig deep and find real nourishment for the spiritual journey.

          In terms of our worship, we always read the Bible on Sundays, but we have other sources of inspiration and guidance, too. We sing old songs, new songs, and some songs that probably don’t really count as “hymns”—but that feed our spirits nonetheless. We like to laugh (a lot!), but we think that church is an okay place for tears, too.

          Children are present for a part of our Sunday Worship services at 10:30am, and can stay for all of it if they want. We also have an engaging Sunday School and a staffed nursery for all of our babies and children. 

          Most of the folks at Trinity are down-to-earth, open-minded, caring and intelligent. We won’t assume that you know a lot about the Christian tradition, but we’ll always offer something for those of us who do. We want to offer breadth and depth, comfort and challenge when it comes to the Christian story, and the life of faith.

          Please join us at Trinity, where we hope to be enriched by Jesus, and by one another.