Trinity Arts


Faith and the Arts have long been deeply intertwined in the Christian tradition: icons, paintings, stained glass, and choral music historically serving as popular means to explore profound spiritual realities.

“Trinity Arts” was established to promote Trinity Church as a community venue to offer artistic and cultural presentations. Often there are groups from inside or beyond North Bay that are seeking to use a space like ours to present dramatic or musical productions.

Since its original inception, Trinity Arts has become a flexible vehicle for “lovers of the arts” at Trinity to encourage more local talent by providing the space, the passion, and the logistical know-how to arrange quality arts events as a gift to our wider community.

In recent years, Trinity Arts has hosted touring musicians, and drama events such as “King Lear,” and “Romeo + Juliet.” Our annual Christmas fundraiser and mid-winter “Trinity Coffeehouse” talent night highlight amazing local talents and have contributed thousands of dollars to “the Gathering Place,” “Hope2Kenya,” and other Trinity outreach projects.

Anyone interested in future Trinity Arts presentations are welcome to participate by contacting our leadership network through Reverend Ted.