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  • Baptism: Contact the Minister to arrange a mutually agreeable time to meet. Baptisms usually occur on Baptism Sunday (in January), Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and/or by special arrangement.
  • Marriage: Contact the Minister to arrange a mutually agreeable time to meet.
  • Obtain records of baptism or marriage: To obtain baptism, wedding or other records we need to receive your request in writing with as much detail as possible. We will prepare a certified record for you that you may pick up in person. 2 pieces of ID must be presented at time of pick-up. No fee is charged for the service but a donation to the church is always welcome.
  • Book space in our building: In order to book space at Trinity you must fill out a form that you can get from the church office. If it is not a church sponsored event you must obtain your own insurance (which can often be done by attaching a rider to your existing insurance). Once the form is filled out, return it to the office so it can be approved by the appropriate people. We will contact you as soon as approval is given. We charge a nominal fee for the use of our space which is determined based on several factors such as: which space is being used, how many people, special accommodations, etc. Pick up a form at the office Monday to Friday between 9 – 12.
  • For a visit or prayers: please contact the church office, speak to the Minister Rev. Ted Harrison, or our Designated Lay Minister Lisa Blais.

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What happens after the service?

You are invited downstairs to the Sunday School hall for coffee and fellowship (and occasionally lunch or cake).

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