Trinity Weekly Update – Lent One

Hello Trinity Friends,

This Sunday we begin our Lenten journey with a special Communion Service let by Rev. Kathy and some of our Licensed Lay Leaders.  
A note from Rev. Ted about our Lenten Journey.
Before they were even called “Christians,” our ancestors in faith called themselves simply “Followers of the Way.” “The Way” referred to the trail blazed by Jesus that we still follow. Scripture sometimes calls “the Way” light and easy, and in other places it is named as narrow and difficult. Sometimes it is a lonely journey through the valley of shadow, and other times it is a joyous pilgrimage. In our lives, we know it to be all these things—and more.
As has been our practice in recent years, we’ll be joined in our Lenten worship by local musicians. They’re offering some of the “Journey”-themed secular music that has touched their hearts and lives.
This morning is the start of Lent with the beginning of Jesus’ own 40-day journey through the wilderness, and we mark the beginning of our journey with Rich and Kathleen McCallum’s song, “We Sail.” About the song, Kathy says it “reminds me of many of the important beliefs of my faith which accompany me on this journey.  As individuals, and community we encounter storms and calm on our journey, but we journey together, caring for one another… We are held in the heart of God, upheld by the Spirit’s breath, always, and forever.”

A reminder that following the Worship service, a Lenten Bible Study will begin in the Fireside Room.  For more information please contact Sandra Rozicki – call the church office for her contact information.  (705)474-3310

A reminder that Monday is Family Day.  The Church Offices will be closed. 

Next weekend is our Annual Red Hot Friday Night Chili Cook-off and Music night. Music begins at 5 pm.  Chili is served from 5:30 – 7.  If you have a chili to submit please sign up in the Sunday School Hall after church on Sunday or contact Rob at  We are also looking for some desserts as well.  Admission is by free will donation.  Thank-you!

Saturday February 20th the Subzero Superheroes will be heading out for the Coldest Night walk.  There is still room for more superheroes to join our team.  If you want to join the team or make a donation please contact Lisa at