Trinity this week – Robbie Burns’ Sunday – January 24, 2021

Hello Trinity Friends, This Sunday we celebrate Robbie Burns’ Sunday. The pre-recorded worship service will be available to view at 10:30 am on Sunday morning as a premiere! The prelude music for this worship service will be available to view at 10:15 am. This week’s prelude music is provided by David McCallum (son of Rev. Kathy and Rich McCallum) who sings a beautiful song in Scottish Gaelic. The translation of the song is posted on our website if you would like to read it in English.

The link to this week’s worship service and prelude offering can be found here This week’s service will include wonderful thematic music by Trinity’s Virtual Choir, as well as Bagpipes by Bob Cook. Rev. Ted will read a story that all ages will enjoy, and of course, he will share a Robbie Burns’ Day flavoured sermon. The service will be available anytime beginning Sunday morning at 10:30 am.

A couple of announcements to share with you

Please mark the following dates in your daytimers:

  • Deadline for Lenten Newsletter submissions is February 7 Deadline for Annual Report Submissions February 14 Please email those to Ross (contact church for his email if you need it) or leave in the church mailbox well ahead of the deadline
  • The Annual Congregational Meeting (ACM) will take place via zoom on Sunday March 7. There will be a time for social gathering on zoom prior to the meeting. All members and adherents from the church are asked to attend if they are able. A zoom tutorial will be offered for those new to zoom. Stay tuned for more information in the week’s to come.
  • The North Bay and Area UC Mission Cluster is hosting “Guess Who is Coming to Lunch?” on Fri., Jan 29, 12 noon – 1pm. Everyone is welcome but we are especially encouraging those who are associated with any of the congregations in the former North Bay Presbytery, to attend. We can accommodate up to 100 people! Can you be sure to let folks know within your community/ies of faith about this opportunity? The purpose of this gathering is simply for folks to connect socially during this Covid-time. There’s no business agenda! We are aware that people are feeling isolated; this is a Cluster initiative related to our Mental Health priority. So it is an opportunity to just chat about whatever you want to chat about and listen to others, doing the same! Folks are encouraged to make lunch for themselves ahead of the gathering so we can all eat together! How is this going to work? You may have guessed it already–by ZOOM! Once we have folks gathered on-line at 12 noon in “the cafeteria,” we’ll start with Grace, and then break everyone into “table groups” where folks will be able to easily chat in a small group of 5-6 people. Each “table group” will have a person who will act as a Facilitator, to assist the conversation, if necessary. If you’d like to join in, please contact the Trinity office and we will provide the zoom link for you.