Trinity this week – July 23, 2023

Hello Trinity Friends,

This Sunday is the last Sunday worship at Trinity before we close for summer holidays.  We worship at 10:30 am and continue our Gospel according to Dr. Seuss Sunday School theme.  Next week – July 24th – 28th will be our Vacation Bible Camp.  We will have around 60 children and leaders using every inch of space!  If you are planning to come down for any reason, please call ahead.  The doors will be locked for extra security!

For those of you bringing in food for the camp – you should speak to Janice Brownlee or Jean Mitchell about when to bring those items in.  Unfrosted cupcakes should be brought in on Thursday (and not before) preferably!

Next Sunday July 30th is our fifth Sunday worship.  This will take place at Carmichael United Church. This will be an outdoor service (if weather is poor, it will move indoors). See details about that service below.

The church will be closed from Monday July 31 until Tuesday September 5th.  Phone lines and emails will be checked periodically.  For emergency Pastoral Care, please contact our friends at St. Andrew’s United Church or leave a message at 

NEXT Sunday Combined Worship for Area United Churches at Carmichael United Church

Sunday July 30th, 2023 10:30 AM  

Outdoor Service (Indoors if raining)

Located at 521 Four Mile Lake Road


  • Please dress for the weather; and wear footwear suitable for gravel driveway and lawn areas.
  • Bring a lawn chair if possible.
  • There will be a choir anthem for interested singers.  Please – no choir gowns (you can wear your gown colors if you like e.g. Tshirt)
  • Picnic lunch to follow – hot dogs ~ desserts ~ beverages (alternative veggie dogs option available)
  • Area churches will have individual boxes in which to leave their offerings

Looking forward to sharing worship and fellowship with you!  Sydney Ouellette, Carmichael UC Church Secretary and Brenda McLay, Regional Rep

​Hope to see you Sunday!​