Trinity this week – Fifth Sunday in Lent

Hello Trinity Friends,
As we continue to journey through Lent and learn how to navigate this new (temporary) situation I have been encountering great signs of hope in our world. There are blessings and challenges that we will continue to face but it is wonderful to see the creative ways that people are continuing to stay connected with each other.  I have taken to calling it physical distancing rather than social distancing. 
This week (and every week that we are not able to worship in the building) we will be providing an online worship service. We hope you will join us Sunday morning at 10:30 online – but you are also welcome to watch at anytime that is convenient – or even watch multiple times!  We are grateful to those of you who have offered to take part in this.  We are delighted that Tracy Davis, Minister from St. Andrew’s, will be participating in worship with us the next few weeks as well.  We have plans for a Good Friday service and a very special Easter Sunday service as well – which at this point, are likely to also be online.
A few important reminders. 

Donations to Trinity

Although we are unable to “attend” Trinity in the traditional sense, your staff still continues to work, the expenses and the bills are still coming in, the roof still needs to be paid off and our food bank and infant food bank continue to operate. While our church is closed, this may mean a reduction in our offerings –  We know that this is a difficult time for many but if you are able to – here are some options to consider should you wish to make a donation to Trinity.  Thank you for your continued and valued support!

1) Sign up for PAR or increase your monthly PAR contribution

2) Drop a cheque/cash off in the secure church mailbox.
3) Send an e-transfer through online banking​ ​to:   trinityuc.treasurer@gmail.com4) Give via the Donate Now button on our Trinity United Church website – please note choosing this option allows you to use a credit card however the tax receipt will come from Canada Helps and they take 3% admin fee.

The AOTS Gift Cards are still available.   An order will be submitted on Sunday evening, 29 Mar.  Should you wish to place an order you will need to get in touch with Ed Rose to receive instructions on how to make your order and where to deliver the cheque.  NOTE:  The bank has recently stipulated that all cheques must be made payable  to — Trinity United Church AOTS — to be acceptable. ​ ​The next order date is scheduled for 3 May 2020.

​One final note, the Church building remains closed to all people, including staff.  Staff are able to go in to grab needed items but are not allowed to work on site – with the exception of Ryan, our custodian.  As Food Bank services ARE considered an essential service, we have been given permission to continue to operate the Monday Food Shelf and Wednesday Infant Food Shelf programs.  Please note that we have implemented many extra precautions for the health and safety of the volunteers and those coming in for food.  Email and phone messages are being checked regularly.  Should you have any concerns or need to reach a staff member please email or leave us a phone message.  If you are in need of grocery shoppers, or need an errand done and you are not able to leave your home, please DO get in touch with us and we will find a way to help you, if we are able!  Thank you for your patience and for keeping in touch with us.  
​Blessings to each of you!​