St. Francis Sunday – October 4, 2020

Hello Trinity Friends,

This Sunday we celebrate Saint Francis Sunday during our worship service.  This year we will NOT be having a live animal blessing (due to Covid) – thank you to those of you who submitted lovely photos of your beloved animal friends.  They will be blessed and shown in a slide show during worship this Sunday.  You will find the livestream video on Trinity’s Youtube page.  We will also upload the video into the Trinity worship playlist Sunday after the worship.  Trinity’s Youtube Channel
This Sunday is also is the day when we honour the lives of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and gender diverse people. The Native Women’s Association of Canada will hold a

Virtual Sisters in Spirit Vigil on October 4, at 2pm. The webcast will be streamed from their Facebook page.There are a number of other ways that people can participate virtually in the Sisters in Spirit Vigil listed on their website​ – such as placing a candle in your window. ​ You can find the link to attend the vigil and other ways to particpate by clicking here

There are a couple of announcements to share with you – please read through all of them so you don’t miss something important!Trinity friend, Rod Carley’s new book Kinmount is arriving on bookshelves very soon!  It can be pre-ordered from Indigo, Amazon and, locally, at Coles and Allison the Bookman. If you are interested in attending the launch, here’s the link to register:…If you would like a personalized signed copy, Rod will mail you a book plate to stick on the inside first page. You can reach him at his website at for more info.
​Also – this Sunday at 11:30 am you can see the world premiere of our Pie Lady Darlene’s Apple Pie tutorial on Youtube.  Tune in anytime from 11:30 am on to watch our Pie Lady attempt to make one of Trinity’s delicious apple pies – assisted by budding pie chef, Marcel MacDonald.  You do not want to miss this tutorial!  

Thank you to Mayor Al for the shout out to our .  A reminder that there is still time to purchase your virtual non-pie. Purchases of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.  ​Virtual pies will never expire, will fit in any freezer and turn out perfect every time!  Don’t miss out on your own virtual pie!  Cheques made out to Trinity United Church (write apple pies in your note), Cash, or etransfers are all wonderful ways to purchase your pie.  You can also click on the Donate Now button on our website.  Thank you for your support!

An AOTS Gift Card order is going in this Sunday October 4th.  If you would like to purchase gift cards please contact Ed Rose before 4 pm Sunday. There are two ways to complete your order. 1. Complete your list of cards needed, write the appropriate cheque and deliver it to Ed’s home and place it in the mailbox anytime between now and 4:00 PM Sunday 4 October.    

2.  NEW – If you are attending church in person, a basket will be available to deposit your order into.  Please put my name on the outside and  Rob Brownlee will deliver it to Ed

Remember, make your cheque payable to “Trinity United Church AOTS” .  (The wording is latest bank requirement).  Of course cash is also accepted. Please note the AOTS Card program has Orchards Fresh Foods cards available for your convenience. Denomination of $25.00 only.  (AOTS receives 20% profit for each card sold)

After 4 October the next order is scheduled to be submitted on Sunday 1 November. If you have any questions please give ​Ed ​a call – contact the church office for his information. (705)474-3310

You​ may ​want to beat the rush – consider your Christmas gift needs.