Blues Lent – Loneliness

A BLUES LENT: Loneliness


“Blues really is this to me: it’s a relief of pressure… the burden was real heavy until you could make some kinda sound about it, you could express yourself to somebody, sort of lighten the thing up.” ~ Henry Townsend

We’re exploring Lent this year as a season of the Blues, of secular music that speaks to our souls. This practice encourages us to listen for spiritual messages in unlikely places.

This morning’s “blues” music is provided by “Twilight,” a gifted North Bay-area band whose repertoire includes many beloved jazz standards. During our prelude, introit and offertory, “Twilight” will treat us to some soulful songs that probe today’s themes of heartache, loneliness, and loss. These songs include, “Stormy Weather” and “Black Coffee.”

Armed with our scripture reading of this morning, Neil and Mary Kennedy wrote an original blues piece for Trinity, a paraphrase of Ecclesiastes chapter 4 that they will share after the reading!

Our deepest thanks to “Twilight,” whose moving music today constitutes a kind of prayer. Thank you, Mary, Neil, Bob, Charlie and Rod– our applause is a way of joining “Twilight” in those prayers, and saying a grateful “Amen”!