Your Trinity-related Checklist

Speak to any staff member or a volunteer if you would like to volunteer at Trinity, or receive assistance or a service. Some ways we can assist include:

I would like to:

  • join Trinity United Church
  • have a child baptized
  • receive a visit
  • visit others
  • enroll children in Sunday School
  • receive offering envelopes
  • receive newsletters
  • have a ride to church
  • provide a ride to church

I would like to help with:

  • choir
  • Sunday School
  • Lay reader
  • Nursery
  • Washing dishes
  • Ushering
  • Stuffing or Delivering Envelopes
  • Making cakes, soup, sandwiches
  • running the elevator
  • Sunday greeting

I have a special talent or skill in ______________________


  • your stamps
  • your Campbell soup labels
  • your old eye glasses

    All of these items let us help people – and your little bit helps!

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