Welcome Back!

Hello Trinity Friends!

Hopefully you have all been enjoying the summer and have had a chance to connect with family and friends as I have!  As much as I have been enjoying the summer break I am looking forward to getting back to Trinity and connecting with you all.  A reminder that our Sunday Services resume this Sunday (July 27th).  We will be hosting and welcoming folk from St. Andrew’s United Church while their Ministers and staff are on holidays.  
While the church was closed quite a lot of work and activity has happened at Trinity.  Don, Tony (and perhaps others) have been busy getting the women’s washroom back to working order. And of course, Ione has continued to work on the beautiful garden.  Ione’s garden on the rock had the honour of winning garden of the week.  We would like to congratulate and thank Ione for her many years of loving, creative hard work to create a beautiful green space in our downtown community.  Be sure to take some time to visit the garden and to congratulate and thank Ione!
For those of you who have friends or family who might be interested in Trinity’s Vacation Church Camp please have them contact me as soon as possible.  There are only a few spots left!  Registration and information can be found here —–>VBC 2014 poster     VBC registration 2014