Trinity this week – First Sunday in Lent

Hello Trinity Friends.This Sunday is the first Sunday in Lent.  We begin, as always, with a Communion Service. We will be installing and recognizing our new Board during the service as well. 
This year, throughout the Lent and leading into Easter (February 26th-April 12th) Trinity’s worship will open singing “Needed Time” with different musical leadership and accompaniment. “Needed Time” is an example of the “Holy Blues,” written by “Lightnin’ Hopkins.” This Sunday, Marcel MacDonald and Rev. Ted will introduce the song—we hope that other leaders will volunteer to lead the same song in subsequent weeks!
Also throughout this Lent season, our bulletin covers will feature prayerful “Contemplative photography” submitted by members and friends of Trinity. Contemplative photography often features everyday imagery, and is meant to help us with “eyes to see”– with heightened freshness or depths of appreciation. This Sunday’s photographs both feature a serendipitous “Sunshine fish.” Such a fish is long associated with Christ because in the early centuries of the faith, the Greek word for fish (“ichthys”) worked as a secretive acronym, and a profession of faith: “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour.”  
AOTS HamsInside this week’s bulletin is the AOTS Easter Ham order form.  Be sure to get your orders in soon!

Friday March 6th

  • World Day of Prayer – Ecumenical Service, 2 pm at St. Brice’s Anglican Church on Cassells

Saturday March 7th

  • Camp Caritou Pasta Dinner 5 – 7 pm – All welcome!

Sunday March 8th

  • The Lenten Blue continues, 10:30 am

Sunday March 15th

  • Rev. Kathy leads service with a tip of the hat to St. Patrick