Trinity this Week – February 1, 2019

Hello Trinity Friends,
This Sunday it is going to warm up nicely for the Snowshoe Sunday outing at Camp Caritou.  See below for more information about that!  A reminder that there is a comfort food lunch for everyone after church this Sunday.  Free will offering towards the Trinity Family Retreat. 

This Sunday join us at 10:30 am for worship.  Rev. Ted’s message is entitled “Finishing the Sentence.”  In Children’s Time, he will share a story of “Jubilee”.  The Junior and Senior Choir will, as always, enhance our worship with music along with some special musical guests!  The following Sunday is Scouting/Guiding Sunday.  Uniforms (vintage and current) are welcome to be worn as we celebrate the legacy of Guiding and Scouting programs.

This Sunday, plan to stay for  the Trinity Families hearty lunch regardless of whether you are coming snowshoeing.If you are coming to Camp Cartiou to snowshoe, bring your snowshoes and outside gear with you to church. Printed copies with the directions of how to get to the camp will be available those who need them. We plan to be will be finished snowshoeing and heading home by 4:00 p.m. It gets dark early and there is a super bowl football game later in the day. 

This weekend is the deadline to order Krispy Kreme donuts.  They are $10 a dozen and are delicious!  They arrive on Sunday Feb. 10th – just in time for Valentine’s Day and the Family Retreat.  Be sure to order yours asap.  Speak with Carling Lutecki to place an order! 

​It is also the deadline to register for the Trinity Family Retreat.  Please be sure to get your registration form to me (Lisa) by the end of the day Sunday to avoid disappointment!  

This Sunday is also the deadline for your Annual Report submissions.  Committee Chairs, and most groups should be sure to send in their report outlining the past year’s activities and important information  to Ross Brewer at

Don’t forget to join our Subzero Superheroes team for the Coldest Night Walk!  Jim Liddell or I are happy to accept donations to the fundraising effort or to sign you up on the team!  Here is a link if you would like to donate of join the team directly!  Thanks for helping us support the Gathering Place.
Stay warm and see you this Sunday!