Prayer Pilgrimage for General Council

To prepare the church for the 42nd General Council in Corner Brook, August 8-15, you are invited to join a 40-day Prayer Pilgrimage – praying each day for those who will journey as commissioners to GC42, and for all of us who together make up the church.

The Prayer Pilgrimage begins June 29 and runs until August 7, the day before General Council 42 begins. We invite you to use the prayer booklet to join us for daily prayer before GC42. The prayers will also be shared daily on the United Church Facebook page.

Also in the 40 days leading to General Council 42, Moderator Gary Paterson is hosting a discussion on “conversations that matter” on his blog. Join us to reflect and dream together about the vision and mission of The United Church of Canada as we move forward into a new future. Make it part of your pilgrimage.

Click here to access the webpage and download the prayer book.