Trinity this week – Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2020

Hello Trinity Friends,
This month we celebrate Pride as well Indigenous peoples month.  It is a reminder of the work we have done and continue to do to build a world rooted in compassion and justice for all people.  As we have all borne witness to the events taking place in the US and across our own country we are reminded that we have a long way to go. 

Lord…We thank you for your church, founded upon your Word, that challenges us to do more than sing and pray,but go out and work as though the very answer to our prayers depended on us and not upon you.Help us to realize that humanity was created to shine like the stars and live on through all eternity.Keep us, we pray, in perfect peace.Help us to walk together,pray together,sing together,and live togetheruntil that day when all God’s children- Black, White, Red, Brown and Yellow – will rejoice in one common band of humanity in the reign of our Lord and of our God, we pray.Amen.- The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Below you will see a prayer that I would liketo share with you written by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. 
The online worship service for Trinity Sunday can be found here—Trinity Sunday online worship
Next week ​look for ​June’s newsletter with an exciting fundraising opportunity as well as an update from the Board​.​
​See you Sunday!​​